Although Mi-Ki's can be smooth coated, most commonly they have long, straight hair.  They come in many colors and can be solid, party, or multi-colored.  Having hair rather than fur makes the Mi-Ki's non-allergenic and non-shedding.  Their coats are easy to care for.  Combing with a metal comb once a week results in a beautiful coat.

For pets, the hair can be kept long and natural, or clipped short as to the owners preference.  Keeping the hair short keeps the puppy look forever.

The show clip requires the feet to be shaved clean.  The head is shaved leaving a mustache and beard.  The ears, body, legs and tail are left long and natural.

Both the pet or show style require regular baths and nail trims.  The Mi-Ki's enjoy the bath, towel and/or blow drying and a nice comb out.